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Odyssey Newsletter Online
Article Archive

Selected Articles from Past Issues of the Odyssey


Opinions expressed by the articles in this site reflect those of the indicated authors and do not necessarily represent the views, beliefs, or opinions of employers, the Editor, Webmaster, this ISP, OASIS, or the National Space Society. Anyone who says otherwise is going to be left behind when we go to space.

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Year 2006

Editor: Lisa Kaspin

Editions of the Odyssey after January 2006 are available only as PDF files.

January: Exploring New Worlds

February: Gathering Stardust

  • Craft Returns to Earth After "Gathering Stardust" by Steve Bartlett
  • SETI&home Going BOINC, by Craig Ward
  • The Beauty of Cost-Plus-Fixed Fee (CPFF), by Robert Gounley
  • Space Calendar and Sky Watch

March: Exploring Mars

  • Nowhere to Hide: Mars Reconnaisance Orbiter Brings Up Closer to the Red Planet, by Robert Gounley
  • Lecture Review: James G. Maser, Sea Lanuch Company, by Robert Brodsky
  • Space Calendar and Sky Watch

April: Space Day National Design Competition

  • Space Day National Design Competition 2006: 8th-graders Win First Place with Hydrogen-Fueled Mars Roving Ship
  • On the Medical Front by Robert Gounley
  • President's Message, by Craig Ward
  • OASIS Space Calendar and Sky Watch

May: Best ISDC Ever!

  • ISDC 2006: The Most Popular ISDC Offers Something for Every Space Enthusiast, by Lisa Kaspin
  • ISDC 2006: The Best Ever, by Mark Hopkins
  • Images from ISDC 2006
  • OASIS LECTURE SERIES: Racing to a Rocket-Powered Finish: XCOR Engineer Talks on Rocket Racing League, by Steve Bartlett
  • OASIS Space Calendar and Sky Watch

June: The Return to the Moon

  • "The Return to the Moon": Flags and Footprints, or New Frontier?, by Lisa Kaspin
  • President's Message: What Next? by Craig Ward
  • ISDC 2006: More Highlights
  • Space on the Streets, by Steve Bartlett
  • OASIS Space Calendar and Sky Watch

This edition available only as a PDF file.

July: The Discovery Flight of Stephanie D. Wilson

  • Stephanie’s Turn, by Robert Gounley
  • Who Knew?, by Robert Brodsky
  • President’s Message: Ships at Sea, by Craig Ward
  • OASIS Space Calendar and Sky Watch

August: Summer Picnic

  • The OASIS MER Model Project, by Steve Bartlett
  • Member Donates Space Memorabilia
  • OASIS Summer Picnic
  • OASIS Space Calendar and Sky Watch

Year 2005

Editor: Kat Tanaka January - August, Lisa Kaspin September - December

January: New routines

February: Sea & Space

March: Unexpected Treasures

April: Generations to come

May: Renewed endeavors

June: Views from Orbit

July: Pushing the Edges

August: Picnics and Polliwogs

  • OASIS Celebrates Its 27th Anniversary, by Steve Bartlett
  • How Big is Space?, by Bob Gounley
  • Editor's Log: Close Enough to Feel, by Kat Tanaka

September: Top of the World

October: Exploration at Exposition Park

November: Orbital Mechanics for Real People

December: LOSCON Special Issue

Year 2004

Editor: Kat Tanaka

January 2004: Space, Space, Everywhere

February 2004: Looking Ahead

March 2004: Look, up in the sky!

April 2004: Space on Earth

May 2004: Right Next Door

June 2004: Tomorrow begins today

July 2004: Going Boldly

August 2004: Reaching Out to Space

September 2004: Worthy Endeavors

October 2004: Prize-winning

  • Dawn of a New Space Age, by Kat Tanaka
  • OASIS Lecture Series: Space Dreams Take Flight for Southland Schools, by Steve Bartlett
  • A Rocketeer from the Past, by Robert Gounley

November 2004: What a Wonderful World

December 2004: Out of Darkness, Light

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Year 2003

Editor: Kris Cerone, January - May; Kat Tanaka June - December.

January 2003

February 2003

March 2003

April 2003

May 2003

June 2003

July 2003

August 2003

September 2003

October 2003

November 2003

December 2003

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Year 2002

Editor: Kris Cerone

January 2002

February 2002

March 2002

April 2002

May 2002

June 2002

July 2002

August 2002

September 2002

October 2002

November 2002

December 2002

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Year 2001

Editor: Terry Hancock, January - November.

January 2001

February 2001

March 2001

April 2001

May 2001

June 2001

July 2001

August 2001

September 2001

October 2001

November 2001

December 2001

  • No Issue

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Year 2000

Editor: Craig Ward, January - May; Terry Hancock June - December.

January 2000

February 2000

March 2000

April 2000

May 2000

June 2000

July 2000

August 2000

September 2000

October 2000

November 2000

December 2000

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Year 1999

Editor: Norm Cook, January - May; Craig Ward, June - December.

January 1999

February 1999

March 1999

April 1999

May 1999

June 1999

July 1999

August 1999

September 1999

October 1999

November 1999

December 1999

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Year 1998

Editor: Norm Cook.

Volumes and Editions prior to July 1998 were published only in hard copy.

July 1998

August 1998

September 1998

October 1998

November 1998

December 1998

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