Riverside Air Show

The Riverside Air Show took place on April 5, and several OASIS Board members attended to meet other air show goers. The OASIS Board knew from attending last year’s show that attendees included a good many space enthusiasts. That happened again at this year’s show; the OASIS table got a good deal of traffic. A space toy raffle proved very popular—248 tickets were given away for the chance to win one of several telescopes, a projector that turns a bedroom into a mini-planetarium, a Robo Sapien robot, or some pop rockets. In addition, OASIS table volunteers gave away all of the Ad Astras—nearly 200 copies—and most of the Odyssey newsletter copies. Other giveaways included 3D-printed keychains with the OASIS website, as well as models of the Mars rovers. Since February, OASIS Vice President Gareth Powell has been making these, as well as other space-themed objects. All proved very popular with table visitors, and many also asked questions about the 3D-printing process.

OASIS volunteers did get a chance to see the various sights. The planes included a fully restored C-53D Skytrooper, designated “D-Day Doll”; CAF, P-51, CJ-6A, T-6 and mixed warbird fly-bys as well as T-6 aerobatics; a Grumman TBM-3E Avenger; a C-47B Skytrain; an F4F/FM2 Wildcat, and many others. There was also a race between a plane and a jet-powered car (Westinghouse J34-48 engine with 10,000 horsepower and 6,000 lb of thrust), which set off several sonic booms; and a wingsuit skydiver in formation with an Edge 540 aerobatic aircraft! Rows of military trucks and Jeeps were on display along with classic cars dating back to the 1920’s. Single-digit-horsepower single-piston antique kerosene engines were also displayed; they were once used to power farm equipment, pump water, wash clothes and grind corn. There was even a K-9 demonstration put on by the Riverside Police Department human and canine officers.

Many thanks to:
Steve Bartlett, David Bliss and Gareth Powell for setting up and tearing down the table, and manning the table (and dealing with strong winds in the afternoon).
David for bringing the tent
Steve for bringing the tables and chairs.
Craig and Karin Ward for providing coverage during a good part of the morning so the rest of the crew could see the show and get food.
Craig and Gareth for photography.
Gareth for the 3D printing and for buying the raffle prizes

The OASIS board is on the lookout for other air shows and similar events to contact even more space enthusiasts. Last year we attended the American Heroes Air Show at Hansen Dam (and may do so again this year). Other possibilities include Wings, Wheels and Rotors at the Los Alamitos Army Airfield and the Los Angeles County Air Show in Lancaster-Palmdale.

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