ISDC 2014: “A Space Renaissance”

The 2014 International Space Development Conference returned to Los Angeles, CA after 8 years, with the theme “A Space Renaissance.” ISDC 2014 featured space development programs, cutting-edge aerospace technology, and innovative new projects to inspire the next renaissance of human culture: the settlement, development, and capitalization of space. Approximately 1,000 people attended, including nearly 400 international elementary through high school students who were winners and contestants in various student competitions.  The OASIS chapter was a co-sponsor of the event, and several OASIS members served as volunteers: many thanks are due to Seth Potter, Craig and Karin Ward and Diane Rhodes, registration; Seth Potter, Gareth Powell and Lisa Kaspin-Powell, exhibitor table; and Lisa Kaspin-Powell, program book designer. Dennis Whipple served as videographer. The biggest thanks go to conference chair Pat Montoure and co-chairs Nicola Sarzi-Amade and John Spencer.

ISDC 2014 offered presentations in 11 tracks: Living in Space, Mars, NASA Exploration, Space and Media, Space Engagement, Space Enterprise, Space Experience, Space Policy, Space Settlement, Space Solar Power, and Transhumanism. Click here to see a full description.

Wednesday, May 14 (click here for more detail)

ISDC 2014 kicked off with two movies by private astronaut Richard Garriott, including the first science fiction movie filmed and premiered in space.

Thursday, May 15 (click here for more detail)

The next day, Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti officially opened ISDC with an address and ribbon-cutting. Next, keynote speaker David Gorney commented on the state of the aerospace and defense industry in Southern California. Thursday’s meal speakers were Geoffrey Notkin, star of Meteorite Men, and Jeff Greason, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, XCOR. Thursday concluded with a screening of ”Three Nights, Three Days,” produced by David Knight (CEO, The Terbine Project) and Melissa Eccles (Immersive Entertainment), about the voyage of the space shuttle Endeavour to its final home at the California Science Center.

Friday, May 16 (click here for more detail)

Friday morning opened with a panel, “The Birth of a Thriving Commercial Space Economy.” Friday lunch featured the Orbital Sciences Antares/Cygnus Team, represented by Frank DeMauro (VP and Program Director, CRS Program) and Mike Laidley (Program Director, Antares). They received a Space Pioneer Award.

The Governors’ Dinner on Friday night featured Colonel Rick Searfoss, test pilot for XCOR, as the keynote speaker. Searfoss also presented the 15th Biennial Robert Heinlein Award to Elon Musk. Following the Heinlein Award was the presentation of another Space Pioneer Award in the Science and Engineering category, to the Mercury MESSENGER Team.

Saturday, May 17 (click here for more detail)

Saturday morning opened with a panel presentation: “Asteroids for Life, Then and Now.” At lunch, SpaceX CEO Gwynne Shotwell received the Space Pioneer Award for Entrepreneurial Business from Buzz Aldrin. Aldrin then presented “Buzz Aldrin’s Unified Space Vision.” Later that afternoon, Mat Kaplan of the Planetary Society hosted a Planetary Radio live show.

Saturday evening was a Space Renaissance Celebration. A VIP reception featured Taber MacCallum, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Paragon and World View, and CEO of Paragon. At dinner, he was the keynote speaker along with John Mankins (Founder and CEO, SolarThermoChemical LLC, President of Artemis Innovation Management Solutions LLC, and CTO of Deep Space Industries, Inc).

Professor Don Flournoy of Ohio University then presented awards to the International Sunsat Design Competition winners, and the NSS Space Settlement Design Competition winners gave presentations and received their awards.

The Space Renaissance celebration also featured the premiere of NSS’ Kickstarter Project Movie, featuring interviews with space proponents explaining why space is important to them and to humanity. A party themed “Space is Sexy” concluded the celebration.

Sunday, May 18 (click here for more detail)

The last day of ISDC 2014 began with Naveen Jain, co-founder of Moon Express, speaking on “Exploring the Cosmos & Our Own Human Potential.” A panel presentation followed: “NASA Partners with Industry on Commercial Crew to Orbit.”

Sunday’s lunch featured speaker Rick Tumlinson (Deep Space Industries). ISDC 2014 concluded with SpaceUp, an “unconference” that brought aerospace industry professionals together with students and local enthusiasts to talk informally about their ideas for space travel, access, and exploration.