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Riverside Air Show

Many thanks to all who visited the OASIS table on Saturday, March 28th. There was no shortage of amazing aeronautical acrobatics and precision flying. Did you witness the awesome engine power of the C17 as it backed up (and up, … Continue reading

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July 20, 1969, 20:18 (45 years ago today) is reporting on all the events tonight to celebrate The Apollo 11 Moon Landing, especially a webcast by Slooh. Hustle on over to for all the info. “Tranquility base here. The Eagle has landed.”

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Mars day madness!

Mars Day 2014 was a load of fun for the general public who attended, especially the children. Our intrepid National Space Society OASIS volunteers who helped the Mars Society worked very hard, as did all the other volunteers. Congratulations to … Continue reading

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SpaceX: 10th Falcon 9 launch

Congratulations to SpaceX on a successful launch. Link Why not like SpaceX on Facebook?

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Antares launch update is reporting Antares will be Launching today at 12:52 p.m. EDT (16:52 GMT). The Antares rocket is made by Orbital Sciences Corp (OSC), which has uploaded some neat images of rockets and launches on Flickr. Orbital also has a video … Continue reading

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OASIS @ Endeavour!

OASIS will be having a day out at the California Science Center, and we’ll also be taking a tour around the Shuttle Endeavour. Come along and meet us there, it’ll be a grand day out.   Saturday, July 26, noon … Continue reading

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Today’s Links

The NASA Visualization Explorer on Facebook has some cool images of our solar system, and via the Hubble space telescope: our vast universe.  JPL has its own YouTube channel here, including the 7 minutes of terror video about the MSL … Continue reading

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Space Society of Silicon Valley

OASIS sends greetings to the Space Society of Silicon Valley, one of the newest chapters of NSS! The SSSV launched in December 2013 and the NSS officially recognized them last March. Congratulations and welcome to NSS! It’s an exciting time … Continue reading

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The most powerful rocket ever!

NASA and Boeing have inked in a deal for the Space Launch System (SLS),  a rocket capable of lifting 143 tons! It’s being designed to carry NASA’s Orion capsule into deep space. This looks like we’re getting serious about humans … Continue reading

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