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This site makes extensive use of JavaScript. To get the most out of your visit to the site, please enable JavaScript.

Areas of the Site

The OASIS web site has three major content sections, a Search page and one experimental section open to the public. You can use this outline to quickly select the area of most interest to you.

Top Level
This section has the Home Page, Links, Contacts, organization background and the Space Calendar.
This section, with the lion's share of content, contains the material from our newsletter, Odyssey. You can purse the current online issue or scan the archives back to 1998.
The Gallery contains pictures of our events and the other fun stuff we do to promote space development.
This is an experimental section containing the slides from some of our lecture events.

Seaching the Site

We use the free public search capability of Google. Almost all pages will have a seach form in the upper left-hand corner. You can also access a dedicated Search page that has additional instructions to assit a visitor's searches.

Getting Help with Our Email Lists

OASIS maintains a discussion and an announcement list. You can find instructions for joining or leaving these lists at the top level.

Comments, positive and negative, are always welcome.