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New Microcosm Facility

Early in 2000, Microcosm consolidated its manufacturing and business office locations into a new building in El Segundo. In April 2000, OASIS was granted a special tour of the new facility.

This was the second visit by OASIS to Microcosm. The first visit was to the old facility in Torrance. Pictures of that event are also online.

Special thanks to OASIS Vice President Steve Bartlett for arranging this tour!

Page 2 of photographs.

Rocket tour photograph

What is left of the SRS we saw last time.

Rocket tour photograph

Getting started.

Rocket Tour Photograph

On the factory floor with the next generation Scorpius rocket.

Rocket Tour Photograph

Rocket Tour photograph

Rocket tour photograph

Outside explaining the Scorpius launch platform.


Rocket tour photograph

Explaining how the operational facility will work.

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