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XCOR Tour, March 6, 2004

Read about this tour in the March 2004 Odyssey, XCOR Marks the Spot.

XCOR tour picture
Aleta Jackson demonstrates the safety of XCOR’s rocket propellant (isopropyl alcohol). Photo by Jace Foss
Getting a closeup look at XCOR’s EZRocket. Photo by Steve Bartlett
Doug Jones amuses OASIS members with the story of Dick Rutan and the Altitude Chamber. Photo by Steve Bartlett
Peeking inside the EZ Rocket cockpit. Photo © Richard Foss
Doug Jones, Aleta Jackson, and Dan DeLong of XCOR. Photo © Richard Foss
Dan DeLong, standing between the EZRocket and an illustration of XCOR’s mission philosophy. Photo © Richard Foss
No Rocket Food Here! Photo © Richard Foss
Firing the “teacart” rocket at LOSCON, in Burbank, CA Thanksgiving weekend, 2003. Photo by Robert Gounley
The “teacart” rocket engine. Photo by Steve Bartlett
Just like NASCAR! Tail of EZ Rocket with sponsor and partner logos and aircraft number. Photo © Richard Foss
A closeup view of the EZ Rocket with its protective cowling removed. Photo © Richard Foss

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