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AgamemCon V: Gallery One

Photographs from the OASIS participation in AgamemCon V, a Babylon 5 convention held June 8-10, 2001.

[Report on the Convention Activities][Gallery Two]

mockup Mars Rover
Model of an operating Mars Rover. Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.

Moon Hoax debunking panel
Moon hoax debunking panel (l-r)Seth Potter,
Steve Bartlett, Robert Gounley. Photo courtesy Craig E. Ward.
Photo of OASIS tables
OASIS tables at convention. Pictured, Tina Beychok. Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.

McDonough picture
Dr. Tom McDonough invites guests to search for ET.
Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.
McKnight photo
John McKnight wants humans on Mars.
Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.
Pravoda photo
Dr. Steven Pravdo discusses threats from Near Earth Asteroids.
Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.
Gounley photograph
Bob Gounley briefing guests on Mars exploration missions.
Photo courtesy Steve Bartlett.
OASIS Delivers Space Message at AgamemCon V.
Pictured Seth Potter and Diane Rhodes.
Photo courtesy Craig E. Ward.

[Report on the Convention Activities][Gallery Two]