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Summer Picnic and 26th Anniversary Potluck

To celebrate the OASIS 26th Anniversary, we held a picnic in Pollywog Park in Manhattan Beach, July 17, 2004. Read about it in the August 2004 edition of the Odyssey.

Banner marking OASIS picnic area at Pollywog Park. Photo courtesy Craig Ward.
Picnic ground setup. Photo courtesy Craig Ward
Not to scale -- the Pathfinder model with 1/10th scale MER model. Photo courtesy Robert Gounley.
Demonstrations of the Mars rovers. Photo courtesy Craig Ward.
Demonstrating the Pathfinder model in the Marscape. Photo courtesy Robert Gounley.
Explaining the workings of the MER. Photo courtesy Seth Potter.
Cylinder of liquid nitrogen used for making ice cream. Photo courtesy Craig Ward.
Steve Bartlett, Master Ice Cream Maker. Photo courtesy Craig Ward.

The Master Ice Cream Maker at work. Photo courtesy Craig Ward.
Don't try this at home. We're professionals. Photo courtesy Robert Gounley.
Liquid nitrogen ice cream, in Martian Blueberry flavor! Photo courtesy Robert Gounley.