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Join the NSS SETI@home team!

Follow this URL to sign-up and follow the progress of the team.

A letter from NSS VP for Chapters Greg Allison

Chapter Activists:

Here is an interesting chapter's project that will cost most of you no money and little time. Support SETI Research at home. Just let your computer do the walking. In fact all you have to do is download the software and your computer does the rest, while running in screen saver mode. Just read the message below for the download site.

This sounds great! A major research project which requires almost nothing from the participants. Each computer a neuron in a great cerebral network, working together as a single mind - while they sleep. Wow! The collective subconscious at work solving the ultimate mysteries of the universe. This represents sheer brilliance at its best! What other great problems can we crunch in this same fashion?

I would like to see all chapter participants notify their chapter leader if they choose to participate in this program. All chapter leaders should notify their NSS Regional Chapters Organizer, and all Regional Organizers should report this activity to the Chapters Coordinator, Bennett Rutledge, who will in turn notify me. This way we can report the level of chapter participation. Of course this notification should just be part of the regular reporting cycle. The intention is not to create extra work.

SETI@home on the Web

To participate in SETI@home, point your browser at this URL: There you will be able to download the SETI@Home software for your system. Supported systems include Windows, Macintosh, and several varities of Unix.

The Chapters Organizer for the OASIS Region is Jim Spellman. His email address is His web page page is

Happy Hunting!