OuteRimCon Needs You!!

OuteRimCon (October 7-8) is seeking able and eager volunteers!!!

We are seeking Staff to run several departments:

Programming Ops – Programming Ops is responsible for creating the name tents of the guest speakers.  They place the tents in each room for the talks and clean up after the talk is completed.  They are also responsible to keep in touch with Programming for last minute changes or updates.

Operations – Ops makes sure there are no issues such as disturbances during the convention.  They are also responsible for piece bonding any costume weapons for the safety of the convention goers.

STEM & Young Professionals – The persons in charge of this department are responsible for the children and young professionals programming.

Guest Liaison – The Guest Liaison is responsible for greeting guest speakers and making sure they get to their panels on time.

Dealers Room – The Dealers Room is set up for sale of merchandise to the convention attendees.  They are responsible for sending out and receiving back the dealer contracts.  They are also responsible for the setup of the dealers’ area (room) and to make sure the dealers setup their tables in a timely manner.

Volunteer Coordinator – During a convention, some attendees like to volunteer to help run the event.  The person in charge of Volunteers keeps track of those that volunteer.  He or she also checks with the different departments to see if anyone needs assistance.

Fan Tables – Different organizations and those promoting an event get a Fan Table.  The person in charge of this department keeps track of those who wish to have a table.  He or she contacts those interested and keeps in contact with those that want a table.

Information Table – We need someone to sit at a table and provide information such as restaurants, programming changes, etc. to any member that comes to the table with a question.

Pre-Sales (2018) Table – Memberships for next year’s OuteRimCon will be sold at this year’s (2017) convention.  We need someone who will sit at a table to have members fill out the form for next year’s con and to accept membership early bird fees.

At Con Merchandise Sales – We will be selling t-shirts and possibly other merchandise at the convention.  We need someone to sit at a table and sell shirts.  Some shirts will be presold.  Those that have purchased in advance will have their name on the sticker of the shirt they purchased in advance.

If you are interested please contact Arlene Busby at arlene [at] outerimcon [dot] com

Staff rate for the weekend is $25.00.

We welcome and appreciate your help and hope you will be able to join us at OuteRimCon.

Visit www.outerimcon.com